Sacred places of Ukraine Goddess.

The ancient tradition says that once there comes the time when Spirits of places start teaching you. For this reason, you’re preparing for a journey where the road will lead you. Celtic bard or druid is always a wanderer. Blind bandura musician with his bandura (Ukraine national musical instrument)  keeps a whole world of ancient gods, to tell people about them. No one knows where a skomorokh-storyteller (wandering minstrel-cum-clown) goes to tell the myth about the creation of the world.

You go towards not the specific aim. The Way by itself is already your aim. Everyone you meet on the road is your aim. Everything you see on the road is your point. The main thing is the ability to see, hear and feel the earth which you walk on; trust to your own feelings that will guide you where you are fit and where you are welcome with the physical plane or the higher plane. Such journeys make up the plot of my story.

For miles and miles away, in a faraway kingdom, in the land of the sacred number three of the Great Goddess….

If you look at the range seen by a human eye, then you will find out that it is located between two opposites — violet and red – Goddess Mokosh’s color and the color of Goddess Lada; from the violet color of Chaos magic of Witch and Wizard to the red structured role of the Wife and Mother. And it’s possible that we live our lives only in one range, but the world is much more varicolored. And therefore sometimes there is a strong wish to live through all its colors.

For many years I’ve been seeking out and collecting the crumbs of knowledge about these opposite roles, archetypes and the energies oIMG_9796f their interaction. Over and over again I come across their presence at any tradition. Probably the most appropriate way for me involves not just meditations which occur to me at the time of doing practices and communicating with the energy of the Goddesses but also visiting the places where their energy can be felt most clearly. And there are two opposites again – lowlands where one can find water energies which are inherent in Goddess Mokosh and hills where Goddess Lada is felt most clearly. Two faces of the initial Great Goddess. Two sides of the transformation – the first one is the secret inner that’s on the responsibility of Mokosh, and the second one is manifested in the world that’s on Lada’s authority. Both of them belong to the world of magic and are integral parts of the female psyche. Mokosh is generating wisdom and bringing souls of children into this world and Lada is bearing and giving birth to children in the material world. They are two interrelated and essential components of women.

In flora, their energies are shown through Elder and Willow for Makosh and Birch with Guelder-rose (Viburnum) for Lada.

Natural symbols of the Great Goddesses also differ. These are cold, dark waters of wells, lakes, swamps of Mokosh and bright, open windswept hills of Lada. Any of these places can be a sanctuary.284019_236439879819007_169738455_n

Women appeal to Mokosh for healing and transformation, to Lada – for happy female (means «social») destiny and the childbirth & birth of children. But is it possible the birth of a child without the participation of Mokosh, the souls of children conductor in our world? Is it possible a change in status from the bride to the wife and mother without the initiation and transformation granted by Mokosh?

Two related female forms. They can’t be divided or separated from each other. To learn them deeper, I invite you take a trip with me to the places of their power. No matter how much I have traveled, I always find these two symbols next to each other – Mountain and Spring. Sky, Sun, Wind and Water, Earth. Yin and Yang of women. Lada and Mokosh.


Oracle of Ukraine Sacred Places. 



Actually, we were heading to Trypillya’s museum, where our friendly women’s staff suddenly said that we should turn to the left because the correct way goes quite so.

Our driver, having been familiar with our trio, did not argue and point to the navigator, and turned left. Getting out of the car, we looked around, trying to figure out why we were stopped here. On the left, a small road went up and we decided to go for it since I called. On the left was a narrow road that led up, and we decided to go for it since we were called.

Climbing up the road, we were in a magical space, which apparently served as the sanctuary in ancient times. Only after returning home, we found out that we were 11216414_691009634362027_595290196_ninvited to visit by the sacred Devich Mountain, the place of the ancient sanctuary for the Great Goddess of our ancestors. But that was later, and then we explored the space to which we have got.

In terms of energy, the place was very interesting. A perfect place for rituals: the harmonious combination of Wind, Sun, Water and Land energies. The high mountain offers quite a magical view of the Dnipro. Here you can stand with widely outstretched arms and catch the wind energy, enjoying the sensation of flight. And you can just sit and watch the majestic Dnipro rolls its waves.

Here you can bring into balance the four elements and refer to the Goddesses of the Elements. Not without purpose, the ancient people built a sanctuary here, and it came to us by the name Devich Mountain. After all, the name of the place of power is given by its nature, and it is always related to the energy of space. Based on the energy of locality priests, oracles and prophetess determined what the temple stand here and what god it would be dedicated to. Therefore the name of Devic Mountain reflects the energy of space — a feminine, virgin, Goddess Diva-Diana. And at its foot, Mother Mokosh of majestic Dnipro rolls her waves.

Archaeological excavations confirm that there were settlement and burial ground belonging to the Zarubintsy culture 2nd century B.C., and Old Slavic pagan temple of the 6th century too. They also assume that there was a sanctuary of the Great Goddess. It is quite possible that nine hemispherical notches for ritual offerings to the deity, which were detected here, symbolize the nine months of gestation by women. It is possible that here found nine hemispherical indentations for ritual offerings to the deity, 99999999symbolizing the nine months of human gestation. And the locals transmit from one generation to the next the legend that if a woman makes an offering, the Virgin Goddess will help her to conceive and give birth to a baby.

Three times three is nine that is the ancient symbol of the trinitarian goddess which is unfolding in the nine months required for the emergence of a new life into this world. 9 offerings, 9 elements, 9 spells for a new destiny. If you’re going to go here, you should take milk and living grains. Bring the gifts to the goddesses, and they won’t leave your requests without attention.

An interesting fact is that in sanctuaries that dedicated to Perun ( Slavian God of war and warriors) there also found notches in the temple, but their number is eight. Can we assume that the sanctuary of female goddesses had 9 pits (fireplaces) for offerings, unlike male ones? The similar nine-pit sanctuary there was discovered in the ancient settlement of the old Ryazan. During excavations in Novgorod, there was discovered ritual complex consisting of nine troughs.

A similar to Devich Mountain altar dating from the beginning of the 10th century was excavated in Moravia (chateau Pohansko), however, no signs of fire. And the memories of the sanctuary were left in the name Devin of two mountains nearby and the name of the river Dyje (Goddess).

More broadly, the mountains called Devic there are in Zdolbuniv. There is the mountain «Maiden Rock» in the Ternopil region. There are mountains with the same name in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Poland. There is «Panieńskie Skały» in Kraków. ( Pani is treatment to the woman at Ukraine and Poland)

That’s for sure, even if in Kiev the famous Bald Mountain on the bank Lybid was sometimes called Devich-Mountain. This was mentioned in the book by I.I.Fundukley (Kiev civil куклыgovernor and honorary citizen), written in 1847: «Moreover, remember the two mountains over Dnipro at the mouth of Lybid: one of them is located on the right bank, in the old days was called Divich Mountain, and the other — on the left bank — Busovitsa or mountain Busov» (Zaika, 2005). Perhaps Bald Mountain is actually the remains of ancient cult worship of a female deity Diva.

Of particular interest is the fact that at the foot of the Kiev Bald Mountain there earlier was a small lake, where according to the legend mermaids were found. And on hills of the mountain there grows plenty of Elderberry bushes. Both birches and fruit trees are almost entirely absent. Observing all over the mountain I was able to find the only one birch tree on a small hill. Now there are arranged the sanctuary of Lada by the Rodnovers (the followers of Slavic Native faith). Nonetheless, as I feel the Bald Mountain in Kiev is the domain of Mokosh. Those who have been there, perhaps, will agree to that. Enchanted forest with deep ravines seems to be shrouded in mystery. Even on sunny days the coolness and shade reign here. In the period of August-September here you can collect delicious elderberry for magic tinctures.

Not so far from Kiev and Trypillya in Sakhnovka (Cherkasy region) on the banks of the river, Ros, there is another Devich Mountain. Here was found a golden plate with the image of the festival in honor of a female deity of the Scythians. And still now on its top, there are three crosses, like a symbol of the trinitarian Goddess, bringing her energy of the sacred space to the present time.

Certainly, I should mention the Granny Mountain (Babyna Gora) and the settlement close to Zarubintsy (Cherkasy region). Here are found the burial of baby skulls. And the ritual supplies, as in conventional burials, were not here. Whether it was a ritual offering to the Goddess? Zarubintsy as well as Princely well nearby, keep many secrets of ancient priestesses.

More photos of Devich mountain.



Trakhtemyriv Peninsula and Reserve deserve a separate story and travel, supposed to take a few days. People have lived here since the Neolithic times, and continue to live hitherto. This place has a lot of legends and myths.
However, to feel them fully, you have to come here with an overnight stay, wander around the peninsula slowly, not in a hurry, and find your own places IMG_2187of power. I feel that energy around here is yang, i.e. male. Having been there, you begin to realize what the Ukrainian Cossacks are. Where these libertines (outlaws) with no barriers came from. Moreover, if you take a female component, it is, of course, the archetypal energies of the Amazon.

Here you need to look for the place. Not far from the height of 220, for example, there is a small birch grove. It is very good to perform meditations on the new path. «Lens» amplifies thoughtforms. And if you are looking for feminine places of power, then there are two very powerful here. They are Rozhena Krynitsa (The Fox Source) and Babyna Gora (The Granny Mountain).

Rozhena Krynitsa is located on the northwestern outskirts of the village Buchak, in three kilometers from the village (coordinates 49*52″45.79N, 31*24″58.94E) According to legend the beautiful Rozhena had given to drink water from this well to Kievan Princes Svyatoslav, Igor and Vladimir when they went in military campaigns. It is healthy to have a shower bath with this water because it has healing properties. And I remind you that the wells are an indispensable attribute of the Goddess Mokosh’ places of power.

The Granny Mountain (Babyna Gora) is the remains of the ancient city, which still attracts pilgrims. The name by itself suggests that here you can feel the energy of the Ancient Female Deity related to the Zarubintsy culture of our ancestors. As you can see, again, we find the combination of a water source and mountain, opened to the winds.

For me, Trakhtemyriv contains very diverse energy. Not everywhere I have yet visited. But there always were magical meetings with wonderful people. For some reason, the decision to go there is always spontaneous. As if something does not give me a chance to prepare and plan routes. Every time I go into the unknown without a purpose and without the planned route. Here, in one of these travels, I invite you.

I love dreaming in which unusual guests come to me. And that night, the dream was extraordinarily bright. I was 4540c-e1b1ee0e81cbd8e3a50e0e12c89standing on the slope above the Dnipro bank of Trakhtemyriv and smoking pipe with a Cossack belonging to the times of the Zaporizhian Sich. He was not so old, but his hair under the hat and his mustache were already covered with gray. He told me some stories, and then having become serious showed me how to see what is far away, setting own vision using special hands’ movements. Indeed, having repeated these movements, I could clearly see everything that happens on the opposite bank of the Dnipro. There was a lot more, and in the end, he said that I should have come to him.

The dream was interrupted by a call from an acquaintance who wanted to come for kinesiology correction session. Thoughts of the dream haunted me all that time. I had to find a way to get to Trakhtemyriv. I had almost been willing to go by minibus and then trudge along for more than three miles when suddenly the fate smiled upon me. Well, or the spirits of Trakhtemyriv arranged everything properly. As my acquaintance having come for kinesiology correction, while was talking mentioned Zaporizhian Sich and somehow our conversation smoothly turned to Trakhtemyriv. Even a few hours had not passed since the visit of my guest from the dream, as the trip to this wonderful place of power was already planned for the next day.

The end of September gave us warm weather. Conversation about the times of the Cossacks and the history of 12Sich was carried on throughout all the way. The only thing that bothered me was that we did not have a guide to Trakhtemyriv. Ultimately, where at that time I could find a way, it was the height of the 220. And there were the chances that I could get lost on the trails fork.

It bothered me, but I was hoping that Oleg, nicknamed Skif, the well-known guide in Trakhtemyriv, will be at home, and we can turn to him. As gratitude to the possible guide, we bought beer.

The next morning we set out. It makes good that the last time I ever left a mark on the navigator because as matured «ezotourists» we turned the wrong way. For an offering to the spirits of the road should be made in a timely manner! Having performed the ritual owing to the spirits (well, perhaps, a navigator), we continued on our way.

Having arrived at the reserve and having made offerings to the spirits of the area, we went on the road. The last time we did not go down to the tree-trident, so I really wanted to find him. And I have a quite clear impression that the Cossack Mukha waiting for me around here.

Amazing expanses of the Dnipro, whose view opens from the cliff here, are a meeting with a mighty force. And there is no explanation as to why the land 23causes such a delight and ecstasy with this combination of Sky, River, and Earth. It seems that I can stand here for ages, such as the trident tree on the beach and soak up the strength and power. And the images of those who have lived here for centuries are passing by. Trypillians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Antes, ancient Rusiches, Cossacks whisper their tales about their life and histories of what happened to them. Women and men, old, young, mature and children.

Everyone who lived here, have written their experiences and their lives, leaving them having left them in inheritance to those who can see. Trypillians, who performed their rituals on the high bank. Scythian fearless warriors who built ramparts in the VII-V centuries B.C. Sarmatian women warriors who have left the legends of brave horsewomen Amazons at a turn of the millennia. Heathens who were collecting grass here and making offerings to the Great Goddess. Cossacks and Sitch, who had become a legend of courage and greatness of Ukrainian warriors. They were gone but left their stories, and if you listen closely, you can hear them in the whisper of the grass, in the pattern of prints on the road, in the sunrays, the leaves, and the aroma of wild herbs. They were gone but left their stories, and if you listen closely, you can hear them in the whisper of the grass, in the pattern of prints on the road, in the sunrays, the leaves, and the aroma of wild herbs. Every time I come here, I hear their stories, which have not yet been told, but been prescribed in this space by the gold web of Mokosh.

I like to take the roots here, becoming an integral part of this space. Becoming one with it. To disappear as a human having dissolved in the smell of grass and the soft wind, playing the flute of my dreams of the past. And listen, listen and listen again, what the spirits of the place tell me. Dance with them and talk about old times and listening to their stories…IMG_2191

Therefore, at this visit, having gone down to the tree-trident, we sat down on a rock nearby and stood still waiting for miracles… Silence filled with the music of the wind, whispering in the void between the sky and Dnipro river… was broken abruptly with a loud male voice sounded from above — Get the hell out of here…

Oops… meditation was interrupted. That is a sign…, were we here really out of place and in the wrong time? Or could it be check on the truth of intention?

To leave or not to leave? Who cried to us? But somehow this rough hail caused a wave of fun and laughter. No, we won’t leave. The air here is too sweet and breathed well.

A few minutes later we heard footsteps, and, as if out of nowhere a young man with a shaved topknot came to us.

— Do you have a cigarette, Madame?

Black clear eyes and a sly smile shone on the Cossack’s face as if descended from the paintings. Was it an illusion or reality? No, the truest reality that ever existed. Moreover, it was obvious that yesterday the lively fellow had taken a glass too much. I immediately remembered about beer for the guide lying in my backpack.

My proposal about the beer was greeted with a sigh of relief and proposal to hold us for a tour of the terrain. My offer of the beer was greeted with a sigh of relief and followed after that the subsequent counter offer to hold us for a tour of the terrain.

You never be sure of that, through whom the spirits will accept an offering.

The feeling unreal of reality, that’s why I love Trakhtemyriv. It seems that the situation is rather trivial, but in this place and time, it enchants with its surprise and magicity.

Having gone down to the cross of Cossack Mukha and smoking Cossack pipe with Oleksa (the name of our guide), I heard many stories about this place — about ancestors and their strength and courage, about how the Cossacks lived here five hundred years ago, — and like a pictures from the past rose before me. Here boiled gruel (kulish) and here are training young warriors. On the plateau, healers collect herbs, and every morning and evening, the warriors rush down the hills to plunge into the Dnipro waters and to wash off the dust of the day ending.18

The crossroads of times. Time with the Cossacks turned into eternity, and at the same time has flown instantly. The old Cossack cemetery and stories about the ancient tombstones. Tombstone’s shape tells what battles each Cossack, sleeping here, participated in. Few people know that there are buried comrades of glorious kharacternyk and magician Ivan Sirko, participated in the Battle of Dunkirk. Nobody for decades had been able to take the fortress until Mazarin invited Ukrainian Cossacks for help. And there, along with the very Musketeers (do you remember Dumas’ novel?), the Cossacks fought, not just fought, but they took a fortress and became a legend of European military art. If you’re here, bring your glass of beer in memory of their valour and bravery.

Only after visiting here and breathing this amazing air of libertines, I was able to understand a lot of things about the time and energies of those who created this amazing military Cossack community.

Coming here you can see and feel the different eras. And let the local spirits be benevolent (favourable) to you.

More photos of Trakhtemyriv sacred Land.



We went to Totokha in an amazing time of stagnation, attributable to the autumnal equinox. Warm weather and the weekday provided us with the opportunity to stay for the night and feel the magic of this place interacting with it swimmingly (without let or hindrance).

As soon as we had arrived, before our eyes there appeared a small hill on the edge of the village surrounded by fertile fields. Since the space on top of it was 600271_451293691651568_244900204_nalready occupied with other meditators, we did not just climb up. As they say, «a clever man will not go in the mountain, clever man bypass the mountain.» We decided to go to the side and make the first halt on one of the Totokha’s slopes. Sun has granted us the autumn bliss; we have developed a tea table and brewed a magic tea Puer. The power of the place demanded attention, so the best thing for me was having buried in the warm earth with the feet, to do a Taoist practice of the living tree.

I like to do this practice in places of power, as there it won’t be skewed if to take energy to excess.

The heat of the earth was penetrating inside and rising up the bones, then connecting with the energy of the sky and the sun. You could stand like that forever, dissolving in the singing of birds and finding clarity.

When the mountain was empty of pilgrims and the sun was setting, we moved to the part of Totohi, which forms a long hill overgrown with thickets euonymus. When the mountain was emptied from the pilgrims and the sun was going down, we moved to that part of Totokha, which forms a long hill overgrown with thickets of euonymus.

I always pay attention to the plants, growing at the places of power. They directly reflect the energy of the space and its properties. Euonymus carries the energy centering. This is an opportunity to build an internal axis. At the same time, it is embodied in social implementation. On the other hand, euonymus is exactly the wood that was used to produce a spindle. A spindle is the symbol of Goddess Mokosh.

Totokha is famous for the fact that everybody comes here for changes. So, euonymus here is quite appropriate as the yang component of Mokosh.

Warm night fell on the ground. Flavors of a velvet summer night enveloped us with cozy space. Campfire flame added mystery and you can imagine yourself an ancient priestess IMG_1476preparing for a nightly ritual.

We went to the mountain and made an offering to the spirits of the place. As if hearing our request for help in the ritual, all of a sudden in the distance lit the fire. The light was coming, and then … a car drove up to the mountain, which the three women got out of. It was like a fairy tale: a young blond, a haired middle-aged woman and an old woman in a headscarf. All three were obviously drunk.

Adventure became like a mystical drama or rather comedy.

Having climbed up the mountain and seen us, they laughed and asked, «Why are you here? And do you know what to do here? »

Unanimously we told them gladly that we have no idea what should be done here. And while younger ladies were showing us what should we do, the old one told and explained why. And in the end, she added laughing that when they drink superfluous, but in the morning they have to go early to work, they come here. After a night spent on the mountain in the morning, there’s no hangover, and you go to work sharp as a tack!

That’s why I love the places of power, for the ability to make a joke, and at the same time to stay completely serious and magicity.

Thus, in the middle of the night, we got the knowledge of how and what to do here from three women clearly fit into the description of the classical trio. Whether they were ambassadresses of the Great Goddess — I do not know. But for me, they were an absolute manifestation of its magic and sorcery.

The ambassadresses of Her Majesty the Great Goddess had left, and once again we stayed in the silence of a magic night at the time of the equinox.

Night sky unfolded into a huge painting of the constellations and the Milky Way marked the waist of the Goddess Night with the luminous belt. Taking our tools, each of us sat in one of the points of the triangle of power. втроемThe sounds of flute soared into the air, the opening space of the ritual. As if it had heard the call, the light breeze rushed back, ruffled the hair and turned our clothes in fluttering wings. By changing the pattern of energies, we changed places in the triangle of power. The dance rhythm was accelerated at one moment, and it became slow and drawling at another. The power lines, like a spider’s web of Goddess Mokosh, stopped us in the right place, giving the opportunity to see and feel the energy of the space.

The Sacrament of the ritual in the holy place is impossible to describe. You can try to reflect it in a personal story or display in the mandala. But the most important thing will always remain beyond verbal retelling. To go through it, you have to get a personal experience. Only then the sacrament, which the ancient messages about communication with higher forces inside and outside tell, may happen.

The flute was replaced with the drum, breaking the night silence. As if the earth parted and feet began to sink into it deeper and deeper, reaching the very depths and foundations. The bones got exposed, showing our true essence and nature, that each has his own, and at the same time common to all.

At such moments, the idea of time is always disappearing. The ritual lets you go beyond the human line and enter into the world of myths and legends in the world of the Gods and Archetypes. There is no idea of time, and there is only триоeternity with her ever-repeating game. The memory of ancestors and past lives pops up. Again and again, there revives an ancient Scythian Amazon horsewoman climbing the hill to address to the Great Api-Cybele. Heathen prays to Lada and Mokosh, asking about her children and family happiness. Wife of a Zaporozhian Cossack asked the Virgin Maria to save her husband from arrows of the Poles and Tatars. Each of them comes to live in us during the ritual. Dance of life at the top Totokha opens an energy channel to our ancestors and to those whom we were in previous incarnations. The Sacrament of the Great Goddess does not die, it returns again and again in the women’s Mysteries.

The drum’s sounds have abated, and in the sacred night, each of us receives answers to her questions, or just listens to the silence within her, opening towards the own true nature.

And only the sky tent stretched above sees this mystery in the depths of each of us. And only the moon shines with its light thin power lines stretching in this sacred space.

It’s time to dream. And a thin web intertwining of dreams and visions by Goddess Mokosh closes the eyes. Only the Great Weaver knows what should to give to each of us at this point on the borderline between reality and dream.20130912_115414

And the sky grows pale, and soon a thin scarlet thread of dawn appears on the horizon. Now is the time before sunrise to bathe in the holy spring, which rises near the mountain.

Small spring with surprisingly tasty water and Willow growing nearby is the perfect place for a morning ritual.

Having thrown off our clothes and washed with water from the spring, we settled on the Willow’s branches over the eye of Goddess Mokosh. I do not know from where we took so much sonority and risibility. We just laughed sitting on the branches and feeling like a forest mavkas (dryad) and mermaids. Naked bodies, bathed in predawn water became easy and sometimes it seemed that in the next moment we would take off into the air or melt in the rising sun, like a fabulous mirage.

Across the road from the spring, the wind played with high cornstalks, which suddenly parted and out of there appeared a man, who stepped on the road. His face fell in surprise. Like the ancient god with a beard, naked from the waist up, he looked at us severely, gasped and fled in a green field, as if he had never been there.

And I thought that’s how the legends about dryad-mermaids on the branches were created.

As soon as we got off the branches and got dressed as if from nowhere on the top of Totokha there appeared the team of male meditators dressed in white. Probably, we had conjured, having attracted masculine energy…

Here is such a journey to the Totokha during the autumnal equinox happened with us.

More photos of Totokha sacred place.



Many people admire the stone megaliths of the United Kingdom and North, being completely unaware of the Ukrainian megaliths. But there are a lot of them at our land. These places of power are hidden from the human eyes, but to the real seeker may be revealed.

One of such amazing megalithic complexes is STONE VILLAGE. One of the legends says that it was magically 1964179_576477132481945_309307975_ncreated by ancient queen-magician Olga. Another one tells of ungrateful village that refused to give Jesus the bread in time of his wanderings on earth. There are loads of legends; you can choose the one that you like. But the absolute fact is that this place leaves an indelible impression on a person of any confession.

Huge boulders like petrified houses occupy an area of over 15 hectares. Over here the whole space is permeated with the sense of magic. It is difficult to describe all the music, which sounds inside while dancing on one of the megaliths to the tambourine (shaman’s drum) sounds. Here, as nowhere else, you can ground yourself and feel the «bones» of the earth.

Try to find here, «your own» boulder and ask him to tell you the story. Feel the warm moss on its surface under your hands, and carefully consider the cracks to read your story. Put your ear to it for hearing the song. Perform your dance of the earth with him.

The spirits of this place love milk. Wash you boulder with fresh (intact) milk, to show him your respect and, if you need, ask for help. Many people say that anything that has been asked about here will be fulfilled. Here, as nowhere else, you can feel the energy of the mother’s energy of Goddess Mokosh’s breathing. Slow, leisurely, profound…

More photos of Stone village, Olevsk.



This amazing place is almost a little-known. But this is one of the most exciting discoveries made in the world of archeology. It is an ancient temple of the Goddess mother, whose age is about 6,000 years old. By shape, it is very similar to the Sumerian temple of Eridu. Its enormous size is amazing and you can only guess what kind of goddess tripilliaimpression he made on its ancient parishioners. Two floors of a building have the size of 197×66 ft. The walls are painted in bright red color. There are eight plates for sacrifices. On one of these plates, there were left the remnants of offerings in the form of charred lamb bones.

Perhaps, it is one of the religious centers hidden in the millennia of Aratta’s culture, which were written about on ancient Sumerian clay tablets?

We don’t know why Trypillians had burned their temples and settlements every 60-80 years, but this finding indicates that they had huge temples of the Goddess, but we still have not found them.

In any case, you can and you should go here if you want to touch the female energies of the ancient temples. But at the same time do not look for the remains of the temple, it is better to listen to the song of the earth and the wind, and then the ancient world may open its secrets.

More photos and information about Nebelivka temple and goddess altar of Tripillie culture. .



Scientists say that this place was created by ancient volcano. But myths and legends tell us that there was an ancient temple of the gods. Too many strange things over here which are unclear how emerged.

The trip here was, as always, spontaneous for us. Literally one day we brought the tickets, booked the hotel and the Heavens gave us a local guide.

Reaching the reserve, we entered the open gate. And nobody did not stop us, did not check the tickets and did not send to the storage chamber to leave our backpacks. The fact that there are entry rules, we learned much later.

Instead, like all tourists, to go straight to the top, we decided to go down the вершина кланяющийся великанpath on the right. The favorite rule «a clever person will not go over the mountain» prevail over the touristic logic again. And I was convinced once again that being in such places I should trust the body.

Like a snake, our path of megaliths, lying on the side of the sacred stone of the hill, curled leading directly to the old well, where, according to the legend, the horsewomen dropped newborn boys. Well of the Moon is still retained the round shape, and the coins which brought as a gift to the spirits of the place flew down with a clank bumping on the ancient rocks.

The offering is done and now we can climb to the top. A thin trail, like a little sand snake, raised us on a stone plateau. Just being here, on the top, you begin to realize the power of the ancient site. And it becomes clear why for centuries the different cultures and people who come in these steppes, again and again, created a sanctuary here.

The stream, which fills this space, lifts and carries up while giving the feeling of support and rooting.

Our attention was immediately attracted to a stone, differing by the structure from the entire Stone complex. Cracks 2012-10-08 00.00.00-31on the surface resembled the patterns on the sand lizard’s skin. And in the center, like a gaping entrance to the womb of the Great Goddess, there was a sacrificial stone bowl.

After meditating near the altar we went downstairs, where formerly was the entrance to the Sorcerer’s cave. Earlier there were carried out the rituals of initiation, near the stone Serpent’s head, but the last few years the entrance was filled with sand, as well as other artifacts.

By the way, the sand you see does not belong to this area. It was brought here by helicopters to fill the caves with drawings of ancient, having hidden away from human eyes. And perhaps to hide from human eyes the mystery of this cryptic place that has been sacred for thousands of years.

Although, how is it possible to hide strange, cut like a pie with a sharp knife, huge boulders? Sharp edges of the «fractures» immediately bring thoughts about aliens or ancient high-tech civilizations unknown to us.

And how surprised we were by the picture, which the stone cave revealed to us. As if we were in a ravine in the initiation of male power.

All the space around us was filled with images of male sexual power, of different shapes and sizes. I am not sure about artificial or natural origin of this temple of фалос 9male sexuality, but for a long time, we could not recover from the contemplation of this space, extraordinary by its natural manifestation.

Even our guide was surprised because for many years no one has ever seen this place. In the silence, we sat being astonished at the wonders of nature shown us by the spirits of the place.

The next place, to which we would like to touch, was the stone of knowledge. The triangular shape of this stone, typical for the fire element, gives the opportunity to touch all the knowledge and wisdom of the world. The vibrations emanating from it are very subtle and elusive, and it is not always possible to find it immediately. But the spirits of the place were gracious to us and warm energy of the stone of knowledge drew us to it like a magnet.

Many answers came during meditation on the stones of knowledge, but there were even more questions. Anyone got an answer that she has come for.

What happened next sounds more like a fairy tale than a true story. The stone of Mermaid has been hidden from visitors for a long time. He does not look like the product of ancient earthlings. Rather it looks like decoration of the chapter of a heavenly temple that had gone to ground here. It is said that such ornaments were a few, but they are hidden under the sand.русалка 1

We were lucky because someone had dug the stone mermaid up before, so we did not have to look for it. Marvelous relief and quality of the stone processing were simply amazing. Ah, what the strong desire to sing something fun and cheerful then emerged! Our female laughter, like a bell, was playing echoes bouncing off stone plates. Voiced sheedy-reedy-Dana — the ancient chant! Hail, Goddess Dana, the mother of the great celestial and terrestrial waters!

Our voices subsided, and the silence came, like our song was accepted by the great Goddess Mermaid. And suddenly, in the silence, like a bolt from the blue, there sounded a man’s voice:

— Come on, dig that unearthed!

— Actually, we have not dug it up and it was all the same up to us — we began to make excuses.

— Anyway, dig!

Reserve’s director revealed our secret abode near the Mermaid.

Picking up a handful of sand, I felt as if someone had put into my hand a small object. A small twig of dried wood, like a tiny little mermaid, was in my hand, exactly repeating the contours of the stone chapter of the ancient temple. The fin and plump belly were clearly a copy of the ancient artifact magically reflected in the piece of dry wood.

Thus, being unaware of that, the man had become a part of the magic action by the spirits of the place.

And now, when I write these lines, the little mermaid, the gift of Spirits, is on my desk, showing off her plump tummy and sending me warm energy of this amazing temple of the Gods unknown to us.

More photos of Kamenka, Melitopol.



It is a place rarely visited by guided tours. It is located away from the tourist routes, but if you want to dive into the amazing female energies, it makes sense to come here for all the day.IMG_6913

To get here is easy. There is a train station. Therefore it is possible to arrive in the morning and to leave in the evening by train. Just 3 hours journey from Kiev and you will find yourself in one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

Apple-tree-colony was planted over 200 years ago. And in some mysterious way from one trunk there had grown a whole orchard. Appletree miraculously sprouted in a circle, forming a mystical small apple orchard. In the spring you can just sit all day, enjoying the peace and the wonderful flowering. In the aIMG_6925utumn enjoy the beautiful bright shiny apple fruit.

And when you shall be filled with this peace and quiet, go by the road towards the pond, surrounded by centuries-old ancient willows. Here you can find yourself like in a fairy tale of Dryads. In the spring, cherries, growing along the road, arrange a blizzard of aethereal pink and white petals. The scent of flowering trees fills the air with a riot of colors and feminine energies.

Near the mirror surface of the pond, the body itself starts dancing and invites to dance in a ring on the emerald grass of a meadow. And if you get tired, you can just sit, dangling feet in warm water and enjoy the shimmering reflections of old trees, smiling to images arising in water. And you would love to come back here again and again to this easy dance of Apple and Willow Dryads.

More photos of Apple-tree-colony.

Video of travel to Apple-tree-colony.im2


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