What Amazons took into the other world.

IMG_5727Women warriors of Scythian tribes often called Amazons. Archaeologists have long recognized the existence of these powerful and amazing warriors. On a par with men they served, they held high positions in the society and from an
early age began military life. But what do we know about their real and everyday life? The mounds of the Dnipro-Molochansk interfluve will tell us of that. Exactly here there was found the amazing everyday objects surrounding the Amazons during their life and taken with them to the final journey.

Among the finds bronze mirrors are combined with bows and arrows. The spindles for spinning and bone spindle, a plurality of beads, earrings and bracelets all the things that is an attribute of only female civilian life lies with the combat blade of its mistress. Tall leather boots, gold rings on almost every finger, and spear fighting. The beads are mixed with bronze caps of deadly arrows. They were ordinary soldiers, but they could lead the fighting force. And few of them survived longer than 35 years old.

How does it feel to be Scythian Amazon lived in 4-5 century BC? Combine the martial arts and the ability to keep house. Only the wind of steppes and genetic memory can remember. Why do not we look into the past?



Literature: Archaeology and Ancient History of Ukraine, 2014, Issue 1 (12)


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Oracle of Ukraine Sacred Places. 



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